#2 Join our Second EI-2030 Monthly Community Call - Sunday, March 28th, 11am PST

Dear EI-2030 community,

After the success of our first community call, we are having our second community call and focusing on the developments of the EI-2030 working groups.

The call will take place on Sunday, 28th March 2021, at 11 am PST.

We have a small agenda:

11:00-11:15 Short Introduction of the community members.
11:15-11:30 Progress of EI-2030 Working Groups by @scrunch and @alexsotodev

  • E-ink developments on the Pi-Top will be a topic of discussion, as @scrunch & @alexsotodev have made progress on the display and solar design.

11:30-11:45 Q&A
11:45-12:00 Discussion, Wrap-up and Next Steps

  • Suggestions for discussion include future Working Groups - Research: Laptop case design, Creating a driver/controller for e-ink displays & porting Linux to Ambiq Apollo4.

Join Zoom-Meeting

Meeting-ID: 988 565 4570
Code: 0PPcFK

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Sadly, I won’t be able to make the call this time (my schedule is still slammed for the next couple of days). If it gets recorded, I will listen to it after-the-fact.

As for good news, I do plan to finally propose a working group, so progress…