#3 Join our Third EI-2030 Monthly Community Call - Sunday, April 25th, 11am PST

Thank you to everyone who recently joined EI2030!

We are having a community call this Sunday at 2 PM EST for new and old members alike, on our Zulip. We look forward to meeting everyone! Invite is here: https://ei2030.zulipchat.com/register/

Check your time zone for local start time. :slight_smile:

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for easier conversion, EST is UTC-5. That way you don’t have to use a calculator :slight_smile:


Let me know how it goes! I won’t be able to make it again. (I usually can rearrange things to make it on Sundays if I have a bit more notice). I do have a couple of PaperTerm updates, but they can keep until next month. :slightly_smiling_face:


The link leads to Adafruit’s discord server… do you have a channel in there?

Thanks for catching that! I am also in the Adafruit channel, not sure how I accidentally shared that.

I see you joined (thanks!) but the correct one for others is: https://ei2030.zulipchat.com/register/

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No problem, I found the link in another topic :slight_smile: I couldn’t join the meet today but I hope I’ll be able to be more involved in the future.