About EI2030 Working Groups

The EI2030 Working Groups aims to create a laptop using e-ink or similar non-emissive technology: to learn, iterate, generate interest and increase visibility.

EI2030 community members propose, vote, and lead the working groups. As a community, we will share resources, knowledge, expertise, materials, and monetary expenses.

  • If you are interested in starting a working group, use this template and create a new topic.
  • Join our Working Groups general channel on our Zulip server.
  • Review our Github repositories to help get you started to collaborate with others.
  • If you are interested in joining a working group, send a message on Zulip or email to the working group’s lead or one of its members, and someone from the team will reach out.

The EI2030 Working Groups align with the five specific shared goals of the EI2030 to:

  • consolidate a cluster of broad talent, and a taxonomy of IP-holders/chipmakers towards an electronic ink rolodex!
  • understand the current state, drivers, trends, and landlay of PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone screen options
  • Sharpen tactics to overturn the catch-22 perception of e-paper demand by generating interest and crowdfunding a critical mass of Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)
  • toy technically, conduct fact-based gap-analysis, and
  • perform early-idea pre-validation with best-case roadmap
  • trigger associated entrepreneurial & corporate endeavors as solutions factoring end-user interests ATTHE*CENTER
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