Big News from Dasung in December 2020?

Einkcn reported on some news coming from Dasung in December 2020:

Here is the summary for our non-chinese friends: Apparently Dasung is releasing some news this month:

This is what they announced in their We-Chat Account ( link ) on Dec 1. Apparently some historical event.

They also posted this picture and hinting to December 15 - 6pm

This is their post from yesterday:

So the question is, are they posting about some product enhancement (e.g. new frontlight tech), or even some entireley new product. It remains to be seen. The We-Chat users are wildly speculating about it.

As Dasung being the industry leader in eink monitors, this will be interesting to watch regardless. So stay tuned Dasung fanboys!

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So far they posted a picture of a smart watch screen. Not sure what do so with this hint.

Ok update: Dasung just said there will be news on 25th of December at 3pm (presumably Chinese time)

Although I think it’s going to be something different, I hope so much for a bigger screen (maybe 20").

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That would be awesome!

Now they posted this:

They really make a big mistery around it, but why would they post a little eink screen? Are they releasing an eink watch?

We stay tuned…

Still hoping this is a trap and they are going to release something huge :see_no_evil:

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Hopefully it’s a trap. A bigger monitor would be so dope.

Edit: Could also be a color eink tablet which you can use as an external monitor

Dasung just released a 25 inch eink monitor

More reading in their Weibo:

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Nice nice nice. Im happy. Did they already publish a price tag?

From reddit

"Direct link to the video below, you can skip the first two minutes, it’s just some history about their company.


Name: Dasung Paperlike 253

Size: 25.3"

Resolution: 3200x1800

Greyscale, Vesa Mount.

No exact pricing yet, but it it’s “1xxx9”, so it could be anything from 10009¥ to 19999¥, so about 1500$ and 3000$ or 1250€ to 2500€ respectively."

As soon as there is a final pricetag, I have to talk to my boss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope the first reviews will show similar results as for the 13.3 inch.

Does your company pay custom monitors for their employees ?

As I am the guy who orders IT stuff, it shouldn’t be a big deal :joy:
But even for other people in the company it should be possible if one has some good reasons (I do get problems when looking into a screen for too long).

Nice, Dasung made it to german media:

That’s amazing, since it’s indirectly linking to our forum. Btw golem is a big deal in Germany (next to heise).

Finally, an e-paper monitor of decent size! And the resolution is impressive too. Just lower the price a bit and make it full color and I’m sold. I’d buy that for $1000. I know some people would pay more for it, but I’m not that rich, lol… I paid $200 for my last monitor, so $1000 is already a 400% step up :joy:

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