Clubhouse for X - The emerging trend of audio-only applications

Hey fellow E-Ink enthusiats,

many of you might have heard form the recent Clubhouse buzz. It’s a audio-only social network and got quite a lot of attention in the past months:

I have tried it today for the first time and I’m blown away by the awesome user experience. So how is this related to eink? Well, especially in COVID times we are having more and more screen time and new issues like zoom Fatigue and the like appear. E-ink is (at least partially) about improving the screen ergonomics and healthier display tech for eye strain reduction and eye comfort.

But why not bring this to a new level and have more “audio-only” applications. I could see more work flows being without display. The classical example is a phone call, but it’s more and more coming with WhatsApp audio messages, voice to speek recogntion and the like.

What is the next Clubhouse for X?

Can you imagine having more screen workflows being “screenless”. I think it’s even more natural to use voice and audio than just typing into a screen. Or even better to combine voice, audio and eink. What would be the best ergonomic working station? Eventually even use AI to optimize further?

What are your thoughts?

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I can agree this fits into the ergonomic-respecting applications. It’s more a matter of preference but I totally support audio-only apps as an option.

I personally have difficulty focusing with music in the background when I am working but I understand others work better with sounds, etc.