Coding With An Eink Monitor

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I just wanted to write a post about coding with an eink monitor. It’s clearly better for the eyes and focus, however there are also major challenges that come with it, for example when it comes to syntax highlighting, since we are working with a black/white device. The best monitor for coding with eink is the latest model of the Dasung eink monitors. Dasung screens are pricey (the tablet is cheaper but also smaller), however they have the best refresh rate and resolution and also managed to manage ghosting quite efficient. Before we go into the tipps/setup I would like to share how coding with an Dasung could look like:

It’s important to figure out your syntax hlighlithing. There are various tools out there. There is a visual studio e-ink plug-in which gives a color theme. In addition you should use shortcuts as much as possible to avoid using the mouse (example of Linux useful scripts to select windows) ;

Some users are also using two Dasung screens because the screen size is a bit small with 13 inch. However it’s been pretty great for many peoples eye strain. For most developer workflows it’s good enough. Latency has never been a problem for coding, I think its around 10-16 fps.

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