Dasung E-Ink 3 HD real screen size

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first of all, nice that there is a community rising at the same time my own interest in the technology comes up :smiley: I hope you are going to have success.

I know that the Dasung is advertised with 13.3". When watching videos about it the screen seems to be smaller. So is the real screen size really 13.3"?



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Yes it’s pretty much that big. Make sure to get the HD without touch. Because the touch layer decreases your contrast. Also check the other threads on Dasung monitor tipps.

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One more question @m10r: Would you buy the F variant? Or just plain HD?

Buy the plain HD (the latest plain HD has also Dasung Turbo). No Frontlight means: it it is also one less layer needed, which might come at the cost of contrast. Then you use your own (even more eye-friendly) Screenbar/Frontlight:

BenQ ScreenBar LED Monitor Desk Lamp with Auto Dimming and Colour Adjustment Functions, Eye Care, No Screen Glare or Flicker, USB Charging, Office Lamp [Energy Class A+]

I noticed that the Front-Light by Dasung is not perfect. Rather use your own Front Light tech.

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