Dasung Paperlike 3 HD E-Ink deep review

Hello everyone! For everyone interested in the latest Dasung E-Ink Monitor, here is my deep review.
Personally, it’s the best e-ink monitor ever used!

If you any questions, leave me a comment!


Awesome video !

Here are a few questions:

How happy are you with the Dasung Frontlight, do you use it at all ?

Does Frontlight + Touch come a lot at the cost of contrast (since it’s additional layers)?

Do you have any hacks/tweaks on the software side to make working more convenient ?

Thanks !

Hi m10r! I’m happy you enjoy my video :blush:
I don’t use so often the touch, but I use frequently the frontlight if I use it in a dark room.
Regarding hacks or tweaks there’s no need because the screen works very well by itself without any trick.
If you want to use some options, please take a look in the last part of my video. I explained every single option in the Dasung software and I’m sure you will find something interest for you.