E-ink driver circuit with EFR32BG22, Simplicity Studio V5


I’m not sure if this is right place to ask, but it’d be great help if anyone can take a look at this and suggest me something.

I’m working on a project based on e-ink display(e-paper display), driving it from Thunderboard (EFR32BG22) using SPI interface. Though there are some help for another similar board i.e. WSTK Board on Github : https://github.com/silabs-tibor/eink_ea2200-bja_example

But still I can’t figure the required changed for thunderboard, as I’m total new to Simplicity Studio platform.

The problem I’m facing is while working on e-ink display with ESP32 board, it required following pins
SPI ( MOSI, SCLK, CS), DC(Data/Command), RST(Reset), BUSY
And BS1 pin which can be toggle HIGH(for 3pin SPI) and LOW(for 4 pin SPI) from e-ink display driver HAT CONNECTOR.

But when I checked the WSTK code i.e. on GITHUB it doesn’t mention anything about DC(data command) pin, and in PINTOOL of SSv5 ther is not gpio configuration mentioned for BUSY and BS1 pin. So these might me the reson for e-ink display not working with Thunderboard using GITHUB reference code.

Thanks in advance for any help.