E-Ink Writing Device - Build

Status : Beginning stage/planning

Name: E-Ink Writing Device

Objective: To make a distraction-free dedicated writing device for the everyday person (Me). Features will include:

  • Writing environment
  • Outliner for different chapters, etc.
  • Goal tracker for daily/weekly writing targets
  • ToDo list
  • Offline Wikipedia for research in the woods
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and Flash drive export of documents
  • 7” E-Ink front-lit display
  • Backlit keyboard for night-typing
  • Weeks of battery-life

Audience : People seeking to get away from the distractions of a computer for novel writing, student note taking, journaling, etc. Someone looking to write in the woods, or go on a power-free vacation.

Timeline: November 2021 – January 2022

Members: Me, but open to people who want to collaborate

Contact: elliscaleb2003@gmail.com

URL: None yet, but working on a GitHub link now

Hardware: Not 100% sure what I should use yet. I posted about that on Reddit, but everyone was arguing about it, and I came out more confused than I was going into the conversation. I am thinking of using this guy’s part list on GitHub (PicoWriter) but let me know if you think of something better (Or cheaper) that isn’t much more expensive. For the keyboard I’m going to get one that’s backlit for night writing. I am used to typing on a 10” keyboard, so I will get one that size, or maybe an 11”. The total device size will be very small, something you could throw into a bag and take with you.

Looking for: Electronics parts list, people to collaborate with, and other ideas.

Final Thoughts : I do not have much experience with making electronics. I’ve done a few DIY things, but usually with strict step-by-step instructions. But, I am dedicated to making this. I am trying to write a novel, and I’ve made it pretty far, but the distractions of a laptop are too much. Also, writing at night with a bright LCD screen ruins sleep. I need a dedicated writer that won’t burn my eyes out, and one that won’t break the bank either. Commercial alternatives are too expensive for me (Freewrite, Pomera DM30, for example). My budget is about $100-$150 for the parts, and $100 for the code if I have to hire a freelancer. (I am only familiar with the basics of coding and can’t do it myself.) My thoughts for a chassis would be 3D printing one, or having one printed out of aluminum if it isn’t too expensive. I am looking for help with what parts I should get, or if I should just go with the list in the link above, and for some help along the way. We could do a video-chat or something if you’d like to collab.

I was inspired by this post (Prose E-Ink Laptop Concept) to make this. Specifically, the Prose’s clean UI and lack of distracting apps. I am wanting to nearly copy that UI, but without the email, podcasts, and a few other things. I was actually given the link to this forum by the writer of that post, Micah Daigle. I do not think I can make a laptop, because it seems too hard for someone of my skillset. Instead, I am aiming for something like the Freewrite Traver in shape and size, just with a larger screen and different software.