EPDiy driver board

EPDiy is a driver board for affordable e-Paper (or E-ink) displays:

More infos:

EPDiy is a driver board which talks to affordable E-Paper (or E-Ink) screens, which are usually sold as replacement screens for E-Book readers. Why are they interesting?

  • Easy on the eyes and paper-like aesthetics
  • No power consumption when not updating
  • Sunlight-readable

Ready-made DIY modules for this size and with 4bpp (16 Grayscale) color support are currently quite expensive. This project uses Kindle replacement screens, which are available for 20$ (small) / 30$ (large) on ebay!

The EPDiy driver board targets multiple E-Paper displays. As the driving method for all matrix-based E-ink displays seems to be more or less the same, only the right connector and timings are needed. The EPDiy PCB v4 features a 33pin and a 39pin connector, which allow to drive the following display types: ED097OC4, ED060SC4, ED097TC2. With the upcoming revision v5, even more display types will be supported! For details, refer to the table below.

Revision 5 of the board is optimized for the use with LiPo batteries, featuring a LiPo charger and ultra-low deep sleep current.


In our ESP-IDF epaper component latest release 1.0.1

We are also supporting Lilygo ED047TC1 epaper with a resolution of 960x540
Cale-idf uses Epdiy and wraps it with C++ style classes so it can be used “object oriented” style just as the other implemented models.

#include "parallel/ED047TC1.h"
Ed047TC1 display;
display.print("Hello world");