FLEx Lighting Raises $9M in Funding to Launch LCD 2.0 Display Technology

New front light tech is emerging. In combination with RLCD this will be the most advanced, eye-friendly display technology today. Let’s quote them:

“As we all increase our screen time, there has been a concerted effort by the display industry to deliver an eye-safe alternative to emissive displays that will still provide the full color video experience we’re accustomed to. Many have tried and failed to produce high-performance reflective displays, but FLEx has finally cracked the code with its transformational light guide technology that unlocks new abilities from tried-and-true LCD displays,” said John Ho, Partner at Anzu Partners. “We are excited to team with FLEx to bring their technology to customers and consumers who are ready for a genuinely differentiated display experience.”


More interesting links from their website:

Here you can find a video of their tech/brand:

They also have developer kits:

Their developer kit frontlight are quite atrocious, really ruin contrast.

However their frontlit ClearInk screens were not so bad but Clearink is diffuse like eink.

I’m very skeptical of their 2.0 tech, but let’s see if they’ve actually made improvements for RLCD frontlight.

Update: Flex Lighting is now https://www.azumotech.com/