Hisense A7 5G : First E-Ink Smartphone with 5G to be Launched on December 22

It seems Hisense will launch another phone (or ereader) this year with 5G. The Hisense A7 has a b/w screen and will be revealed in Dec 22:

The Hisense A7 5G will get a global unveiling on December 22. However, it appears the 5G e-reader that doubles as a smartphone will not be getting a color e-ink screen like its siblings, the Hisense A5 Pro, Hisense A5 Pro CC, and Hisense A5C which launched this year.

That’s the picture they were posting:

Also good news for our international friends:

Hisense says the launch is a global debut which means the device should be sold in other countries other than China. We don’t know which countries will get it yet but availability details should be available by Tuesday.

More reading:

So it seems it will be an exciting next week for the eink community. On tuesday Hisense will reveal their new 5G phone, on Friday Dasung will launch their new product (a new eink monitor?). So stay tuned eink folks.

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