Hisense Q5 vs. PixelQi vs. Hisense A5C Pro

This is a great video comparing various paper like screen technologies:

In particular the Hisense Q5 (2020), PixelQi (2008) and the Hisense A5 Pro CC. Further reading:

What’s intersting to see is that the Hisense Q5, which is kind of an enhanced version of the PixelQi has several improvements in terms of contrast and colors towards the old Pixel Qi technology. It’s still not as good as eink iteself in terms of contrast, however there are more modern models coming in 2021 (including the TCL NXTPAPER). It might be also intersting if there will be some RLCD devices with front light. Because right now needs to be powered by external lights or very good room lightning. So we stay tuned for 2021.