How does your lighting setup look like?

For those of you who work mainly with eink: How does your lighting setup look like at your desk?

Are you sitting next to a windows, do you have a big LED lamp to have good lighting across all your desk?

If you use an Dasung monitor, what kind of lighting do you use (internal or external)?

I am thinking of getting something like this for my desk:

What’s your setup like?


Indirect lighting is nice way to have cake and eat it too. I use a sconce with a bulb above my desk facing upwards because a desk lamp is too intense to use for long periods over even a backlit monitor- my eye’s rods seem to get too accustomed to low light if I am using just the LED backlight as the light source - I don’t use open window/lighting at the moment. Without the indirect light, it makes an uneasy focus on the monitor when the eyes are trying to limit the amount of light by constricting the pupils:

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