Investing to eInk/ePaper stocks

Here’s a poll! While the grocery store shelves may have run out of paper, e-paper won’t run out so easily. That said, what do you think of the e-ink as an investment? Good or bad run for your money?

When would e-ink stocks grow vastly?
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 2025
  • 2026
  • 2027
  • 2028
  • 2029
  • 2030
  • 2035
  • 2040
  • never
  • 2050

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Thanks for voting. Now that you’ve voted, should I go for it and what kind of revenue growth could you expect for it (please specify the time span too)? Right now cryptocurrencies seem more malleable. However, I’m a big believer in the e-ink technology and think that at some point it may take off. When, that’s more uncertain. Perhaps in a decade. Also; what’s the go-to e-ink stock to buy?

Hey Ace,

great question. First of all I think you should diversify your portfolio. Cryptocurrencies are obviously are an high growth opportuntiy and you should certainly have Bitcoin and Ethereum in your portfolio (and some DeFi). There is no debate about that.

On the stock side of things, I think it could make sense to invest a bit in “Eink”. How Eink could look like in 5 years from now: Nobody knows. But certainly something along the lines of:

  1. Energy savings
  2. Material Savings
  3. Reduced Eye Strain
  4. Healthier Tech
  5. Enhanced Focus
  6. Fast Refresh / Color

This doesn’t mean that the winning tech will be eink. It could be RLCD, Memory LCD, Eink, Eink color, etc. Now what options do we have from an investment perspective:

#1 Invest in Eink Holdings

Invest in the eink monopoly company. The company owns the patents, the supply chain, the quality control process. If you are long eink as in eink technology you better buy that stock. That’s also pretty much the only stock for eink you can buy (since its kinda a monopoly):

#2 Do some private Angel investing / VC investing in emerging “eink” tech

Some other avenue where you could invest is in new emerging tech companies such as Flex Lighting. They recently raised 9mln USD. You could get exposure to that if you were some direct VC firm, Angel Investors or some partner at Anzu Partners:

Note: For that you need to be an accredited investor.

#3 Invest in existing display manufacturers

You could invest in companies who double down on eink tech (or similiar) like Hisense or BOE technologies. Those companies have launched eink phones or develop some alternative/competing technology like RLCD (in the case of BOE technologies). Here are the stock links (they are as well publicily traded companies):

Those are three avenues you could go. Additionaly you could also approach some suppliers directly (e.g. Dasung, ONYX) and ask them about a direct investment. Amazon has some exposure to eink through the Kindle but they are not doubling down too much on it (i.e. it’s only a small portion of their revenue today).

In terms of revenue projection. We saw already 500mln USD revenue of Eink holdings in 2018. I am certain that in 2021 and beyond we will touch the billion dollar mark in revenue (as well as market size). However keep an close eye to RLCD tech (from BOE and other players). It could replace Eink in an eye wink.

More reading:

DISCLAIMER: Do Your Own Research and also check if your entry point (e.g. current P/E ratio) is healthy for you and you belive in the long term growth of the stock.

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Haha, I was thinking of printing paper… and we never had issues with toilet paper either in my country, but I witnessed the US toiletpocallypse with my own eyes so I know what you’re talking about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sorry for being a total noob here, but how can I buy stock in E-Ink Holdings from a European country? They seem to only be traded at the Taiwanese stock market and (a quick, to be honest) google research didn’t give me aa easy route (you would have to have a person in Taiwan it says). Does any of the legit online trading platforms offer to buy E-ink Holdings as well as Boe stocks in a fairly easy manner (meaning by creating an account, maybe verifying ID and sending some money to the account; at least thats how I imagine it). If you could recemmond any (super-legit) platform this would be great. Thanks for any help!

You just need to use/open a brokerage account with the bank of your choice. In Germany for example you can use comdirect. And then you just type in the Stocknumber (ISIN or WKN) and just buy the stock. I think E-Ink holdings is also listed a the Luxembourg stock exchange, so buying from Europe should not be a problem.

Others you want to look at:

Interactive Brokers

Perfect. Thanks a lot!

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