Join EI-2030 Zulip Server

Hey guys,

we are having an EI-2030 Zulip Server. You guys can join here:

See you there!

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i just did :slight_smile:

saw this project today during foss-north Online 2021 :slight_smile:

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I have an argument related to the forum. It’s kind of temporarily unused since the creation of the Zulip server, which it’s instead (luckily) active and seems to be now the number one content generator. Don’t you think that by doing so, you are losing some portion of visibility on the web?

People first joining ei2030 could simply see a not-updated forum, if they don’t join Zulip and there is certainly a missed part of traffic we lose because of missing SEO from the content we host on Zulip. I know Discord/Zulip archives are eventually supposed to be available as static content and a new website is on work, but it’s taking a while to do so and we can have some drawbacks with this kind of slowdown, maybe not for active people, but surely for lurkers and newcomers.

One the goals of ei2030 is targeting the most wide spread of people, to acknowledge them about the benefits of non-emissive screens. We can surely do more for this point.


I was a bit worried about the lack of activity on here when I signed up. Now I have access to the Zulip server I can see that there is ongoing activity, but this forum doesn’t really reflect that.

I think it would be good to use this forum for speculative discussions, making the Zulip server more focused on getting things done for those who have assignments to do.

As someone who is not attached to any particular project, I would probably feel more comfortable discussing things here, as I feel I might be distracting others from their tasks on Zulip.