Learning Screen Ergonomics from the Medical Industry

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it seems that the medical industry is one of the more forward thinking industries in terms of screen ergonomics. There has been research about “eye strain” dating back to 2009. There’s for example another paper about medical radiology imaging which mentions eye strain as occupational hazard: http://europepmc.org/article/PMC/5449879

There are also several manufacturers who developed screens in regards to eye health and perfect screen ergonomics over the past years. Those displays have a price tag but are very superior. Here are some examples:

But I am wondering why there is only so much research in the medical field, but not for normal office workers. No matter what it is, in COVID times when everyone uses the screen 8h+ / day we should have some better screen tech, which is at least as good as a book. It can’t be that this occupational hazard should be accepted like it is right now.

I think E-Ink and E-Ink like technologies offer a part solution to this problem. But at the same time we should look at those high tech professional screens for radiologists and surgeons from NEC, Enzo and learn from their ergonomic technology and apply them for office workers. Also E-Ink Screens have potential to enter this field as well if they advance further. Money doesn’t seem to be there a problem, those screens sell for 10k USD and upwards.

There are both greyscale and color screens with advanced ergonomics:

More research from the field:

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