Low-power E-Paper OS

Status: Approved
Name: Low-power OS
Objective: The goal of this project is to run an OS on an ultra low-power CPU/MCU that can output terminal or a window manager to an e-paper display.

Audience: low-voltage, proof of concept
Timeline: 3/14/2021-4/13/2021
Members: @scrunch, @alexsotodev open to new members, including after project started.
Contact: giovanni.lostumbo@gmail.com
URL: Discussion (“low-power-solar” group) : https://ei2030.zulipchat.com/register/

Hardware: Redboard Artemis,

SAMD51, Dialog 14695, ESP32, STM32, other MCUs/MPUs with can be used, including ones with E-paper already connected, like M5Paper, or LILYGO® TTGO T5.
Looking for: People with experience in:

Memory & XiP
E-paper display drivers
RTOS/Linux OS development - some recent conferences & guides : https://bootlin.com/pub/conferences/2021/fosdem/opdenacker-embedded-linux-45minutes-riscv/opdenacker-embedded-linux-45minutes-riscv.pdf
OSes of interest: https://www.tockos.org/documentation/walkthrough

Items: Microcontrollers, e-paper display (no minimum resolution, but should be capable of displaying terminal)


Some updates: I have been able to connect the DC cable for my monocrystalline solar panel in the hole where the display cable/ribbon cable goes for the Pi-Top.

And here is a short video:

Hopefully this picture can better exemplify the scale and purpose of low-power E-paper OS. :slight_smile:

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