Request for Products: Eink Laptop

Many folks from the community would love to see an eink laptop coming out. There has also been various posts which sketch a potential product:

The best you can do atm is to buy a ONXY BOOX LUMI with an external bluetooth keyboard (or Dasung not-ereader). Or to use a Microsoft Surface with an external eink screen. But the best would be to have a native eink laptop. Let’s see if someone is actually building and releasing this soon.

What are your thoughts?


HI @ei2030

even if small, I think there is a market for such a device. The main reason for buying one would be the huge impact of lcd’s for my eyes. As a sysadmin I’m looking to a screen whole day and I’m getting more and more problems. I would instantly buy it.


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I think a device like this with eink would be best for you:

You should also check the latest tech in Rlcd and front light tech.

I have to admit that this looks pretty cool. But it’s far away from being a daily driver.

So far Dasung external monitor is your best bet

Yeah, I also think so. I’m going to wait until the end of december to see if there really will be an announcement as it is said on some sites.


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From what I’ve seen the Dasung is the only real option for more serious work at the moment.

For just writing I guess an Onyx device would work. There are examples of creative uses for word processing using Onyx, for instance in this video:

Watching it I feel I would probably be annoyed by the lag and find it disorienting in writing. Dasung is also not a viable alternative for me at this point in time with the prices they charge for their products.


I watched that Onyx Nova 2 youtube typing video- it was disorienting because the display is mounted on the keyboard, and his camera and/or desk was unstable, causing motion blur. I couldn’t imagine typing on something that vibrates the display as I type. If he mounts the display on a shelf on the wall, or if the keyboard has a different pressure requirement, that motion blur and disorienting won’t happen. I also look at my keyboard when I write for several sentences even though I can type without having to look at it, so that I rest my eyes from the strain at looking at a lit display.

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