Research: Drivers for Eink displays

Status: Approved
Name: Research: Drivers for eink displays
Objective: This working group’s objective is to explore the different ways to drive an eink display, focusing on using a system on a chip with an integrated controller; i.MX7/8 and RK3566 family of microcontrollers. Evaluation kits and boards will be purchased to be distributed, and shared among group members. The research from this group will support future/current working groups.
Timeline: Ongoing
Members: @alexsotodev, ZephRay Looking for members.
Contact: @alexsotodev, Discord

Looking for:
All skills are welcomed! We are also looking for folks who have:

  • Experience with:

    • Embedded Development
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Software Developers
    • Reverse-Engineering
    • Writers/Researchers
  • Donations allocated for hardware and shipping.

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