Research: Drivers for Eink displays

Status: Approved
Name: Research: Drivers for eink displays
Objective: This working group’s objective is to explore the different ways to drive an eink display, focusing on using a system on a chip with an integrated controller; i.MX7/8 and RK3566 family of microcontrollers. Evaluation kits and boards will be purchased to be distributed, and shared among group members. The research from this group will support future/current working groups.
Timeline: Ongoing
Members: @alexsotodev, ZephRay Looking for members.
Contact: @alexsotodev, Zulip

Looking for:
All skills are welcomed! We are also looking for folks who have:

  • Experience with:

    • Embedded Development
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Software Developers
    • Reverse-Engineering
    • Writers/Researchers
  • Donations allocated for hardware and shipping.

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I’m working on upstreaming Linux support for the reMarkable 2. It uses the i.MX7D CPU and is fairly open for a consumer device. You can SSH as root to the device by default and it’s possible to get a TX UART port without hardware modifications. The factory image is built with OE and the Linux and U-boot sources are open sourced. It might be a good starting point.

You can see the current upstream patches here: This is just basic support currently, a lot more work is required and help would be appreciated.

There is a working tree based on the NXP 5.4 kernel as well: This is ready for daily use, but still has a few issues.


Welcome @alistair23!

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Welcome @alistair23 Thank for your the information you’ve shared about the Remarkable 2. We are considering using the i.MX7D, I will definitely review this information.

Also, I apologize for all the jumping around with messaging platforms, but we’ve finally have landed on using Zulip which is FOSS. If interested, check out

Thank you for your time and support :heart: