State of the Art Eink Tech in 2020

Dasung Tech


DASUNG, the inventor and leader of E-ink monitor.

DASUNG was founded by science fiction writer Gongguer, Dr. Ray Chen from Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hiro Gong. DASUNG invented the world’s first E-ink monitor-Paperlike, and was invited to attend the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show(CES), contributing to a stir in the industry, which won attention and reports from more than 80 Media both domestic and overseas in about 20 languages.

Until now, DASUNG Paperlike E-ink monitor have users in 65 countries and regions worldwide with extremely high evaluation.

Location: Beijing

Employees: 10-50





I am often asked about this, so I wrote this post for this information to be out there and linked easily. All 4 generations are 13 inches, greyscale e-ink computer monitors.

Gen 4 aka Paperlike Pro 2019 has 4 models : Pro-F, Pro-FT, HD-F, HD-FT. Avoid Touch feature if you don’t need it because it impacts contrast. For this reason I personally recommend the HD-F.

Gen 3 aka Paperlike HD is a single model - still good. Input latency is not as good as Gen 2, as confirmed by dasung support.

Gen 2 aka Paperlike Pro is a single model - still good. Used mine for one year without issue. Input latency is slightly better than Gen 3.

Gen 1 aka Paperlike is a single model - seriously outdated, do not buy. It is the only gen which requires a driver which is only available for windows and no longer works for many users apparently. Do not go there.

Another notable e-ink device from Dasung is the 7.8 inches “Not An Ereader”

Also newer device not-ereader 103

Comparison of Screens:

HiSense E-Ink Phones

HiSense uses 4 different technologies/approaches:

Dual Display - OLED and Black/White Eink

HiSense A6L (

Black/White Eink

A5 (

A5 Pro (

Color Eink

A5C (

A5 Pro CC (

RLCD Screen (PixelQI like - but better)

Hisense Q5 Tablet (

You can buy it at CECT-Shop

Remarkable Tablet . To run it they created and released open-source OS for tablets. Vibrant user community . Recently got big injection from Twitter’s holding VC arm

Sony Digital Paper

They use their own screen IP. Complaints are about the closedness of their OS, and you also can’t connect a keyboard to it. It’s just it’s name; it’s a really, really good digital piece of paper to replace many pages, but not more than what you can do with real paper


Waveshare - 10.3inch E-paper Monitor, HDMI Display Interface, Eye Care (



Boox Max 3 -


Lenovo Yoga Book C930 with dual e ink

Apparently they rolled an update called “clone-mode” where you can display windows on the eink. See:

You can choose between a speed option and quality option of the eink screen. You can also deactivate the color screen all together.


Video where you see the eink screen clone mode


Yota YotaPhone 3+ Internationale Edition (

One Device

Mudita Pure


NOTE: Some of this info is from the eink-reddit, if I copied anyone please apologize, but it’s for the benefit of the whole community.

Just found this very comprehensive research, it’s really gold (use Google Translate if you can’t speak Chinese):

真正护眼显示器研究:全反射式屏幕、墨水屏幕、护眼屏幕、自制超大号墨水屏、clarink屏“资料集 - 知乎 (

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