TCL NXTPAPER will be released early 2021

Hey guys,

many of you problaby followed the lastest announcement of TCL during Q3 to announce a new screen technology based on RLCD called TCL NXTPAPER. I’am curious on how this tech will develop. Further reading:

What will be interesting is:

-Is the contrast really better (as stated) than eink technology?
-Does the screen work in a “normal setup” - without specific lighting, etc. ?
-Will there be a possibility to use it as an external monitor?

Many of those things are not clear yet, since there are no new specs for a potential device. Here is a nice first look video:

I cannot wait enough once it will be released.

This is just color RLCD, I wonder what the r% is and what frontlight they will use

I wish they were also going to release a higher reflectance monochrome version