Template: Propose for a working group

Status: Pending/Approved
Name: For the specific working group
Objective: 2-3 sentences describing the objective of the project, includes a picture and or mockup Audience: Such as distraction-free, low-power, high-power, general, proof of concept
Timeline: Start and End date, can re-submit again to be a working group
Members: States the members involved in the project, including lead and whether open to new members or not.
Contact: Ways to contact members (Zulip, Github, Forum, E-Mail)
URL: URL for the project (Forum link and or Github link)
Hardware: List of hardware used for the project.
Looking for: State the asks, collaborators with X/Y skillset, items/electronics, monetary support.

Status: Pending
Name: The PaperTop
Objective: The objective of the PaperTop is to explore creating an e-ink laptop using a Raspberry Pi 3B+, Pi-Top and an e-ink panel. Explore what other single board computers could be supported with the chasis. Explore what modifications could be done to the Pi-top and what is and is not possible. Audience: Low-voltage, proof of concept
Timeline: 3/13/21 - 4/13/21
Members: Alexander Soto and Giovanni Lostumbo, open to new members
Contact: contact@alexsoto.dev
URL: None
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+, Pi-Top, E-ink Panel
Looking for: People with experience in:

  • Digital Fabrication
  • E-ink displays functioning / operation
  • DIY/Creatives/Tinker/


  • Pi-Tops or other SBC’s