The Birth of the Eink Gaming Community

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is anyone interested in eink gaming as a niche. There have been some first attempts where folks show how this could look like. Like here for example a mockup of an “Gameboy Paper”:

The response is surprisingly good on it and many reddit users are signaling that they would buy such a device.There is also an eink like console coming out called the Play Date:

It has a Sharp memory LCD display:

The screen technology used is Sharp’s Memory LCD, which possesses some properties of e-paper displays.[8] Each pixel can remember its state (black/white) without needing to be refreshed, resulting in faster refreshing and lower power usage, whilst also being “viewable in any light, from edge-of-vision darkness to brightest sunlight” and having a wide 170° viewing angle.[9]

I wonder if they open up their OS for indie game developers. The device itself costs only around 150USD.

There are also people playing games on the recent color eink phones from the latest Hisense and ONYX devices and the refresh rate is surprisingly fast:

So while eink is still a niche, this is getting even more tiny: Gaming on eink devices. However I could see an emerging indie developer community coming out of this.

Are we going way back to retro times. Even the Game Boy Color was already using a RLCD screen. Here’s some great research:

What are your thoughts?

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Play Date has quite a huge following…

Another cool video:


More material

More info and pre-order