The Trend in Darkmode Adoption is Showing Actually a Huge Demand for Eink Technology

There are more and more websites / apps / softwares using Darkmode, and it has become a huge design trend over the past years, e.g. see here:


“Dark Mode” needs to be implemented on the hardware side, not the software side.

At the end of the day the idea is to minimize brightness to:

  • Save energy
  • Reduce Eye Strain
  • Reduce blue light emission
  • Improve sleep quality

However, there is lots of research suggesting, that Dark Mode is more of a placebo than it actually works. There is already a set of new display technologies being developed that have the benefits of “Dark Mode” without the need of extra software, namley E-Paper technology and RLCD. Those are having several advantages over “old” Display technologies:

Dark mode, blue light blocking glasses, etc. are just part of a bigger trend nameley the shrinking backlight industry in the display industry.

There are some intersting players developing backlight free screens already and in 5-10 years it will be the standard. Also in terms of screen economics, not even mentioning the material and energy savings.

The thing is, that our body/eye has been trained for thousands of years to work with reflective light (to see things/objects through the light reflection of the sun). The screen trend to look directly into backlight over the past decades is very unnatural to our body/vision and caused many problems. We need a screen technology that is very aligned with on how our body is designed and works.

Big players in the display market are realizing this and building alternatives. Big players include Sharp, Lenovo, BOE Technologies, JDI, Flex Lightning, Hisense, ONYX, Dasung etc.

You can read about screen alternatives (like eink and rlcd) here:…

PS: There was recently aready a Tablet released with the new RLCD screen technolgoy by BOE-Technologies, check here:…